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HIGHER RPM,  AGE AND  CYLINDER presures    cause  oem coils

to  lose spark  and  nose over   on dyno and   on street.

Repeated testing    has shown smoother  powerbands and  more HP    along with stable rpm runs over   stock coils or  entry level supposed  "better" coils.        

Other benefits of  Sniper brand, better sealing  for one..  where  coil and cylinder head meet is  prone on stock coils   to allow  moisture  

in  causing misfires,   and also allows  dirt ,sand  etc  in  , so when doing sparkplug removal   ,  that debris  goes strsaight into your  engine,     all this makes   replacing  the coils  with better design like SNIPER coils, a cheap insurance policy!!!!   

NOTE:  also  ball bearing snap style ends means  no bolts so race track qucik change of plugs for  reading and tuning!!!!



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