4.6L 3V Mustang 2005-2010 OEM Timing Chain Replacement Kit

$359.99 $295.19


4.6L 3V Complete Timing Chain Replacement Kit

This kit is for 2005-2010 4.6L 3V Mustangs.

These parts are Genuine Ford OEM. It is up to you to verify this is the correct part number for your vehicle. NO RETURNS ON THIS PART. These parts are purchased in bulk from Ford Motor Company and may not include individual packaging.

Includes the following

  • (Two) 5W7Z-6268-AA Timing Chains
  • 4.6L3VTCGS Timing Cover Gasket Set – 4R3Z-6020-DB Left, 4R3Z-6020-EB Right, 7R3Z-6020-A Center
  • XL1Z-6L266-AA Left Timing Chain Tensioner w/Retaining Clip 1L3Z-6P250-AA
  • 1L3Z-6L266-AA Right Timing Chain Tensioner w/Retaining Clip 1L3Z-6P250-AA
  • XW4Z-6700-AA Crankshaft Front Seal
  • XW1Z-12A227-AC Crankshaft Position Trigger Wheel
  • 4R3Z-6B274-BA Left Timing Chain Guide
  • 4R3Z-6M256-CC Right Timing Chain Guide
  • 1L2Z-6L253-AA Left Timing Chain Tensioner Arm
  • 1L2Z-6L253-BA Right Timing Chain Tensioner Arm
  • XL3Z-6306-AA Crankshaft Timing Drive Gear Sprocket
  • Bag of Bolts